Anthony_Camasota_5302Like many others, I’ve been passionate about cartooning since I was a kid. While I read the Sunday Funnies for as far back as I can remember, things changed when, in 4th grade, I found a copy of “The Essential Calvin and Hobbes,” on a library shelf that was just a little to high for me. After that, I spent the majority of my free time copying comic strips, trying to get my little drawings to look as close as possible to the originals.

As I grew older, my doodles and scribbles developed into drawings and paintings. I graduated from the College of Saint Rose in 2011 with a BS in Art Education and  received my MFA from the University at Albany (with a concentration in drawing and painting) in 2015. Through all of this though, I never lost my passion for cartooning. I ran comic strips in both his high school and undergraduate newspaperand launched  Plan C in 2014.

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