Plan C centers around an overly introspective suburbanite named Alan, who grapples with the mundane problems of everyday life because, to be frank, he doesn’t have much else to worry about. Alan regularly fluctuates between self-induced anxiety attacks and extreme levels of self-confidence or insightful moments of inquisitiveness and truly dumbass observations. With his friends and family to keep him in line, Alan tries to navigate between relationships, technology, what to make of all these new Star Wars movies, and spelling tests.


Cast of Characters


Aforementioned main character of Plan C.






Alan’s best friend and perpetual sounding board. Marc is usually found with his nose in a book and one ear listening to Alan’s perpetual ranting. He’s an expert at listening as opposed to waiting for his turn to talk.




A friend and classmate of Alan and Marc. Katie’s philosophy on life is that it’s too short to spend being miserable, so she does whatever she can to look on the bright side despite how tough things get around her.




Alan’s older brother. Mitch shows his affection for his little brother with an almost constant barrage of physical and mental abuse. He claims this is to “toughen him up.” It remains to be seen whether this works or Alan just becomes a serial killer later in life.




George is actually a genius but is not the sharpest knife in the drawer when it comes to everyday life. In his first appearance in Plan C he quoted Aristotle with one hand stuck down his pants.



Frank AboutFrank

Frank’s a horse. He also somehow attends the same school as the gang and shows up every once and awhile. That’s pretty much all we know about Frank.